SmartCaring T60
Improve patient care and safety
with over-bed sensors
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Higher Safety

Higher Safety

SmartCaring T60 enhances the care and safety of hospital and long-term care patients by adding a remotely monitored, easy-to-deploy, non-intrusive vitals sensor to every bed. Our privacy-conscious millimeter wave and thermal sensors analyze breathing, heart-rate, body temperature, and activity, using Azure Sphere and the cloud to help you optimize care.


Usage scenarios


Solve the problem of insufficient medical care capacity.

Higher Safety

Higher Safety

Get real-time, customizable health alerts for every patient in your facility and help staff quickly and effectively respond.

Higher Safety

Better Care

Provide each patient the personalized care they need without increasing staff or having to interrupt them for vitals checks.

Higher Safety

Lower Costs

Improve operational efficiency of your facility and your staff cost effective, easy to install wireless sensors.


SmartCaring T60 provide various functions.

Nursing Dashboard
Card views of all your beds identify alerts, vacancies, and connectivity issues.
Data Storage
Deeper graphs and reports show real-time and historical patient data.
Mobile APP
Receive instant alerts and notifications via mobile app.

Solve Problem

Solve the problem of long-term care and make life better.

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